Even Google Says You Should Help Your Rejected Applicants

A few months ago on the Google Hire blog they penned an article about how companies should be treating those they can’t hire. Here’s why you need to rethink rejection they say;

As recruiters, we have another opportunity to influence company growth when we tell candidates “no.”

If your rejection process makes a good impression, it's more likely that candidates and their network will stay connected with your brand—both as future job applicants and, depending on your business, even customers.

We at Rejobify couldn’t agree more. Its the reason we exist. The blog post goes on to give several tactics for making candidates allies. In point #4 they write about help candidates continue their job search;

Along with experience-driven feedback, you can also give candidates input about their job search in your rejection. If you help a candidate with their job search now, they will be happy to connect with you about future openings and refer their friends to your company.

Recommend any helpful resources on job searching in your industry. You might tell the candidate in your phone call or your rejection email, "I read this amazing blog post about networking for [job role]. Let me send it to you!"

Helping candidates with their job search turns their rejection into a positive moment. The candidates are wowed by the fact that you're providing valuable resources, so they're more willing to reconnect and reapply in the future.

So if Google thinks differently about the rejection process, shouldn’t your company?

Food for thought in a candidate driven market.