Rejection Email Template #2 - Shortlist

This rejection email template contains a subtle reason why they weren't selected. In this case a better candidate. This template is better for those who you have invited for an interview but didn't make the cut.

Employers who need a good rejection email template are free to use this text as long as the link/offer to Rejobify remains. We recommend keeping the bolding formatting so the offer stands out. If you use this template just contact us so we can thank you.


Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for meeting with our team about the [job title] role at [company name]. It was a pleasure to learn more about your skills and accomplishments.

Unfortunately, we will not be selecting you for the position.

Competition for our jobs is always strong and we often have to make difficult choices between many high-caliber candidates. Perhaps you will be a better fit at a later time so we'll keep your resume on file for future openings.

We appreciate your interest in [company name]  and we wish you the best of luck with your job search.


[Sender Name]

PS....we have partnered with the folks at Rejobify to help you become a better job seeker. They have a free email job hunting course we'd like to offer you. Just subscribe here.