Rejobify Case Study: Eyecare Partners

EyeCare Partners, a growing family of independent eyecare practices with offices in the midwest  was our very first customer to leverage the Rejobify platform. They went live with us back in late February. This post will highlight their results so far.


We sat down with their Director of Talent Acquisition, Kirby Cole to get his thoughts on why they chose to work with us.

What value did you see about our service that led you to implement it?

“The value we see in Rejobify is in providing our candidates more than just a rejection email. We have all been on the receiving end of an automated rejection email, so trying to do more to help people find work just makes sense.  These are people who live in our communities so we want them to remember us for more than just rejecting them for a job.”

Why is rejecting candidates so important to the candidate experience at EyeCare Partners?

“We, meaning talent acquisition professionals, talk about the candidate experience all the time. When we want to impress a candidate it is very important to tick all the right boxes. It seems like once we don’t need the candidate anymore for the job we are trying to fill it is easy to lose sight of them as candidates and as people. We want to provide our candidates with the best rejection possible to help them with their search for a new position. It’s what I would want someone to do for me, or for the people I care about.”

Since going live, Eyecare Partners has sent over 2,000 rejection emails and a solid percentage of those folks have clicked on the Rejobify offer (and continue to do so at a steady rate).

Thus far the EyeCare Partner landing page on Rejobify has resulted in;

  • 232 Total Visits

  • 175 Unique Visits (meaning people have visited more than once)

  • 89 Clicks of the page content

  • 32 Signups to the job search course which equates to a 20% conversion rate.

Their landing page is getting steady daily visits as you can see from the graph below. These candidates are getting value from the rejection email. They are not going to Glassdoor or other places to write a negative review. They are taking advantage of the free job search advice and tools given to them in order to continue their search. It’s a win-win proposition for both employer and seeker.

Trends since going live

Trends since going live