How to Humanize the Rejection Email

rejected-man (1).jpg

Lets be real, no candidate wants to hear they didn’t get the job. Nor do recruiters enjoy sending them. They are usually robotic sounding in nature, lifeless and cold. However you can inject more of a human voice into them if you spend a few minutes writing it correctly.

These tips are better for candidates who you personally interviewed vs the mass rejection email. You should have both kinds in your ATS.

First give them a warm thank you.

Bad: Thank you for applying to the [POSITION] at [COMPANY].

Good: We know there plenty of other companies who are hiring so we love that you chose us to apply.

Your goal is to show genuine appreciation for their efforts, not make it sound like a robot wrote it. Complimenting them offers a nice touch.

Second, get rid of the ‘resume on file’ statement.

Bad: We will keep your resume on file.

Good: Just in case future openings may be a match we’ll hold on to your work history and contact info.

The “resume on file” phrase means absolutely nothing to the typical job seeker. Just don’t say it. Its time HR got a little more human here. Don’t let them think their resume is going into a black hole.

Give them a better reason why.

Bad: Your skills are not a good fit at this time.

Good: We’re currently focusing on hiring those with more experience…or We’ve decided to change the role’s scope which requires us to move in another direction.

Most candidates don’t get any feedback but a little effort here goes a long way. If they are underqualified say so. The news will go down a little easier if give them an understanding of your ideal candidate.

Encourage them.

Bad: Though you interviewed well we have selected another candidate.

Good: Our team was really impressed with your energy and personal skills despite only having a few years of experience in your past roles.

Focus on the good parts of their candidacy. Identify their strengths and praise that part. By acknowledging their strong points, you can give candidates a sense of their worth at the very moment they’re doubting themselves most.

Lastly, Rejobify them by working with us!