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A better way to reject candidates


Don't Just Reject Candidates, Rejobify Them

Rejobify is a new service for employers that changes the way you reject all those candidates that hit your ATS each month….in a way that positively reinforces their job search and gives them something useful to do besides deleting your email.

Let us help you improve that small part of your candidate experience that everyone hates, the rejection email


No login required!

Here's the best part. You the employer have nothing to do once you put Rejobify into your email template. It is truly a "set it and forget it" solution. In an age of too many HR tech logins, Rejobify will instantly become the simplest tool in your HR toolbox.

Add value to their job search

By offering all your rejected candidates a way to improve their job search skills, Rejobify is a no hassle way to give back to those who took the time to apply to your company. By simply inviting them to Rejobify, you will add value to their current job search. 

Improve Your Candidate Experience

Your candidate communications such as the resume acknowledgement and rejection email template are the simplest way to improve the candidate experience. Let our free templates help you do just that!

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